Sponsor a Child

Impact a Child’s Life by providing the means to an Education

Your sponsorship enables a Guatemalan child to attend an Impact Ministries school where they will receive an academic education and be taught to know and love the Lord!

An investment of $40/month can help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy!

What does my sponsorship provide?

what does $40/month provide for my child?

How do I choose a child to Sponsor?

walk me through the process

How can I communicate with my child?

and what communication will I receive as a sponsor?

Sponsor Admin

I need to log in to my Sponsorsoft Account or set up a donation

Some Sponsor Child Stories

Stories about sponsor children shared on the Impact Ministries blog

Sponsor a Child Saturday

Check out children we’ve recently featured on facebook for #SponsoraChildSaturday

What does my Sponsorship provide?

In the rural areas of Guatemala, more than 75% of Indigenous people live in poverty. Many children don’t complete elementary school. At a Vida school, Christian teachers – many of whom were once Vida students themselves – are personally involved in your student’s life on a daily basis. We reach out to your child’s family and encourage them to be involved in a local church. Our leaders, teachers and support staff provide godly role models to help your child know the Lord and become all that He intends for them to be!

Your investment of $40/month helps break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy for your child by providing:

  • a broad academic education at one of our Vida Christian schools
  • a daily nutritious meal and vitamins (and food packages for the family while learning from home)
  • medical care through the Vida Clinic for your child’s whole family
  • Christian discipleship and mentoring
  • a school uniform and new shoes

(some of these services are also funded through other gifts to Impact Ministries)

Your sponsor child is also blessed by your prayers and encouragement!

You can sponsor your child throughout their time in our Vida Schools. For most of our students, this is until they graduate in Grade 10. Some students continue on to our teacher training program, and they can be sponsored through Grade 13. We have many sponsors who have been faithful in supporting their child through their entire education! When your child leaves the Vida School program, we will let you know and offer you a new child to sponsor.

How do I choose a child to sponsor?

  1. Click “See Available Sponsor Children” to see our students still waiting for a sponsor like you
  2. Personally select your sponsor child from all our students available for sponsorship
  3. Once you click “Sponsor this Child”, you’ll be prompted to login or signup to our sponsorsoft system to complete the sponsorship process.  There, you’ll have access to your child’s picture and online information package
  4. Don’t forget to set up your monthly sponsorship donation within 48 hrs to ensure that you are matched with the child that you have chosen

How can I communicate with my child?

Communication with your sponsor child is easy through our Sponsorsoft System!

Log in to Sponsorsoft with the email address you used to sponsor your child, and click on messages > compose message to write to your child. You can even attach a picture! Our teachers are great at helping their students answer your letters!

You will also receive a yearly photo update of your child from your child’s teacher.

Sponsor Admin

Important Links

Log in to your Sponsorsoft Account
Give a Special Occasion Gift
Set up your monthly sponsorship donation online using credit card or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
Renew your annual sponsorship donations

Sponsorsoft Information

We have transitioned to using the Sponsorsoft System to connect you with your sponsor child!

  • If you currently have a sponsor child, your account has already been created

If this is your first time logging in to our Sponsorsoft System (or if you’ve forgotten your password), simply click on “Lost Password?” and enter your email address to request a password. You’ll be sent a link to set your password, and then you’ll be ready to view your child under the “my sponsorship” tab and find your inbox under the “messages” tab.

  • If you would like to become a sponsor, you will need to sign up for an account

Simply click on “Sign up” and enter your name, your email address and a password. You will be sent a verification email with a link to activate your account, and then you’ll be ready to select a child from our children who are still waiting for a sponsor

No verification email? First, check your junk mail. If the verification email is not there, click “Lost Password?” on the Sponsorsoft site. Re-enter your email address and click the request reset password button. The link to set your password doubles as a verification email.

Having trouble? Contact us at child@impactminusa.org and we’ll walk you through the process.

Some Sponsor Child Stories

Gabriel thought he’d be selling firewood for the rest of his life

Have you ever wondered whether sponsorship actually makes an impact? Does it really change lives and futures? Impact has been connecting sponsors with sponsor children in Guatemala for over 20 years – and we’ve seen some of those kids become teachers in our schools and leaders in our ministry. Kids like Gabriel, who thought his future would consist of selling firewood. But God had different plans for him. Did you read his story in our newsletter? If not, take a few minutes to read it right now: Gabriel – middle of back row My name is Gabriel. Before I started attending school, I used …
Rowena and her family holding a photo of their sponsor child

Delighted to be Asked

You’ve already helped us find sponsors for 8 students since the beginning of May! That’s so exciting, not just because of the material benefits each sponsor child receives – things like school uniforms, food packages, and access to health care – but also because it means there is one more person in their corner, praying for them and encouraging them in the journey. In our recent newsletter, we shared the story of how Rowena and her family started sponsoring a child. We love how sponsorship is making an impact in all of their lives – and we love that Rowena’s coworker …

Great news! We have 130 students waiting for a sponsor

May is Sponsorship Month at Impact Ministries! Teachers in Guatemala have been busy collecting the details of new students, and we have over 130 students waiting for a sponsor. That’s great news – it means there are lots of new students at Vida Schools! But it also means we need your help to find sponsors for each one of them! Children still waiting for a Sponsor Sponsors for children like Alida. Alida and her siblings started attending a Vida School this year. They walk for almost an hour to get to school – but they think it’s worth it. Alida’s mom & dad …

Back to School Update

Kids in much of North America have headed back to school, and we figured it was a good time to give you an update on what has been happening in our Vida Schools in Guatemala. Some of our students have been able to be in class sometimes, others have spent much of the year learning from home. Protocols seem to change from week to week!  Through it all, God has been there, and we’ve seen children and families impacted by His love shown through our Vida teachers, the sponsors of our children, and so many others who come alongside the needs …
Jhon's family in their home

You are bringing hope & joy to children & families in Guatemala!

We’ve been so encouraged by everyone who has been sharing sponsorship this month! Did you know – 37 Vida children have found a sponsor since the beginning of May! And we know that sponsorship makes an impact – because we hear the stories, over and over again, of what sponsorship means to our students and their families. Like the story of little Jhon: Many people had a rough year last year – but Jhon’s family had it rougher than most. Even before the pandemic, Jhon’s dad wasn’t able to work, as he was recovering from surgery. Then came the Covid lockdowns, and …

Sponsors leave traces in a child’s ❤

“Having a sponsor is something very special and unforgettable,” says Vida Purulhá Grade 1 teacher Evelyn Cho. “They leave traces in our hearts.” Evelyn should know – she began studying at an Impact Ministries school when she was about the same age as the students she’s now teaching, and she was sponsored for all those years. “My sponsor was a very special person in my life,” says Evelyn. “She always supported me with words of encouragement through the letters she sent to me, and her prayers for my family were a great help in my life.” When Evelyn and her family were going through …

Will you help us find sponsors for children in Guatemala?

This year, despite all the disruptions to education in Guatemala, we have over 200 new children in our Vida Schools! That means we have 200 children waiting for a sponsor.  For the month of May, we’ve set a goal of finding a sponsor for every one of those children. And with teams and events not happening right now, we need your help to find them! We’re making it as easy as possible for you to share sponsorship! We’ll be posting about sponsorship on Facebook and Instagram  – and we’ll be featuring a different child still waiting for a sponsor each day. Share our social media posts or …

What does school look like in Guatemala right now?

Our Vida students are so excited to be back at school, even though things look a little different this year! If you’re connected to any school-aged children in Canada, you know that Covid protocols can vary widely depending on the region, and that requirements can change quickly. The same is certainly true in Guatemala. But here’s an update of what school looks like for our Vida students right now. Last week, most of our students were back in school, but attending on alternate days. They’re usually required to wear masks and face shields, and they sanitize their hands and get their …

Our Vida Students are back in School!

Today, for the first time since the pandemic lockdowns began, our Vida Students are back in school!  We’re currently allowed to operate at half-capacity, which means that our children will be attending on alternate days, and receiving home learning packages for the days that they are not in class. After a consecration service for our teachers on Wednesday, it was so wonderful to welcome our first batch of students this morning! Please pray for our students and our teachers as they navigate Covid protocols and settle into a routine that will look somewhat different than normal. And pray, as always, that our schools …
Little Coralia holding a doll

Growing up with Impact Ministries

Back in 2007, Impact Ministries was running an afterschool program in San Antonio. One of the children who came was 6-year-old Coralia. Little Coralia wasn’t impressed: “I had to walk so far. Also, it meant a double effort for me, studying at school in the morning and studying in the project in the afternoons.” But that soon changed. Coralia liked meeting team members from the US & Canada, including the Canadian family who would sponsor her for many years, as well as others from her own community. “I received a lot of love from the people who were part of it day …

Sponsor a Child Saturday

Every week, we feature one of our children still waiting for a sponsor on Facebook for #SponsoraChildSaturday. If you have a facebook account, check out our most recent #SponsoraChildSaturday feature children:

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