Thank You Sponsors!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for celebrating sponsorship with us last month! 15 children and 19 classes found their sponsors – that’s even MORE than a sponsor a day for the month of May! And there’s been another 7 sponsorships in the first few days of June!

Our Vida principals want to say thank you and let you know just how much your sponsorship means to them and their students!

Principal Evelin even shared her thanks in English:

Here’s thanks from a few of the others:

“We want to say thank you very much for thinking of our children, for every classroom. We are so excited to see your sponsorship, and it’s incredible that you think of our children even without knowing them. We always pray for you. Thank you. May God bless you!”  – Principal Juan-Carlos

“It’s such a blessing to receive sponsors for classrooms. And behind every one of our students there are families, and without a doubt, those families are being blessed.” – Principal David

“Thank you for sponsoring! Because when you sponsor, you’re giving a better future to the students and you’re giving them a place to dream and to make their dreams come true. Thank you!” – Principal Ingrid

“Thank you very much for sponsoring our classes. What does it mean? It means growth, more opportunity to learn, and for us, the most important, to know the love of the Lord.” – Principal Elmer

“Thank you for supporting a class. In this way, you are showing God’s love to our children. You make it that they can reach their goals and can know the love of God. And, above all, the children that are the most poor children in our midst can see the blessing of God through you. God bless you.”  – Principal Oscar

Whether you’ve just become a sponsor, or whether you’ve been sponsoring a child or class for years, know that you are changing the future of children and families in Guatemala – and you are such a blessing.  May you be richly blessed!

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