Will You Build into Aroldo’s Future this Christmas?

Did you receive Les & Rita’s Christmas letter in your mailbox already? Building a brighter future is never a quick process, but I’m so excited that we can see glimpses of Aroldo’s brighter future already. Will you build into Aroldo’s brighter future this Christmas? And, by doing so, will you also help build our next new school in Guatemala? (Yes, that’s right – every dollar you give to Build a Brighter Future will be matched to build a new school!)

We’ll share more in the coming weeks – but until then, here’s the story from Les & Rita’s letter – I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it:

Aroldo reading with his teacher

Years of inconsistent schooling means 12-year-old Aroldo struggles with reading and writing. He wants to excel academically – and he wants to grow into a godly leader for his community – but sometimes learning is tough.

This is especially true for children from rural Indigenous communities in Guatemala. Distance, family responsibilities, and lack of opportunities can all come between a child and their education. This Christmas, you can build a brighter future for kids like Aroldo!

Some things haven’t changed for Aroldo. He comes from a large Q’eqchí family that still struggles to make ends meet. His father works as a laborer at construction sites far from home, and when his mother can get work, she goes out to wash clothes so that there’s enough food on the table for her six children. As the oldest boy, Aroldo still has to try his best to study while also collecting firewood and helping take care of his younger siblings. He still has to get up very early to make a long trek to school, and he’s still behind on his learning.

Aroldo walking to school

But since Aroldo started attending Vida Nueva School, he has received so much love and support from his teachers. His teachers have noticed how quick he is to memorize things and how much he enjoys sharing with his classmates, and they’ve encouraged him to shine. Aroldo has learned about God’s Word and God’s love, and you can tell that being at school brings him joy. Aroldo’s future is looking so much brighter!

Aroldo and classmates gathered around his teacher

This Christmas, when you give $1 to build a brighter future for kids like Aroldo, it will be matched by $1 to build a brand new school in a new community!

Impact Ministries has purchased land in Mestela, a Q’eqchí community which is a one-and-a-half hour walk over the mountains from the closest Vida school. The single public school in Mestela is overcrowded and ineffective. There are hundreds of children like Aroldo who need the opportunity to learn and who need to discover how much God loves them. We anticipate starting construction of Vida Mestela in early 2024.

land for Vida Mestela

When you give to Build a Brighter Future this year, the impact of your donation will be doubled! (Up to $100,000!)

You’re building into Aroldo’s future today, and into the future of many children tomorrow!

Will you give generously? Because there are so many Aroldos in Guatemala who are still waiting for a Brighter Future.

Aroldo in front of his home

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children were able to receive an education, feel loved, and know God’s got their future? Help us build a brighter future for kids in Guatemala this holiday season!

(Did you know that you can give the gift of a brighter future as a Christmas present too? Donate at www.impactminusa.org/gift, and you’ll be able to download a printable “May Your Christmas Be Bright” card to send to your loved one.)

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