Sponsors leave traces in a child’s ❤

Having a sponsor is something very special and unforgettable,” says Vida Purulhá Grade 1 teacher Evelyn Cho. “They leave traces in our hearts.”

Evelyn should know – she began studying at an Impact Ministries school when she was about the same age as the students she’s now teaching, and she was sponsored for all those years.

My sponsor was a very special person in my life,” says Evelyn. “She always supported me with words of encouragement through the letters she sent to me, and her prayers for my family were a great help in my life.”

When Evelyn and her family were going through tough times, she’d remind herself that there was a person far away who had never even met her, but who was concerned about her and praying for her. “This encouraged me to keep striving every day, and it especially encouraged me to keep trusting the Lord.”

Today, Evelyn tells her own students how the Lord reflects his great love to us through our sponsors. She’s so happy when she hears that one of the children in her class have been sponsored, because she knows that “their life will be blessed by wonderful people.”

To our sponsors, Evelyn says: “when sponsoring a student, you become part of that child’s life. You give them hope and strength, knowing that another person cares about their life and is praying for them.”

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