“Thank you for the groceries that you’ve provided for us. Thank you for being there in the midst of all that’s happening right now”

Thank you to all of you who have given so generously to provide food to families in Guatemala! You’ve now allowed us to offer at least one food basket to each of our school families, as well as to other vulnerable families known through our church community.

As you know, the job isn’t finished yet. As the lockdown continues, this food will run out, and children will once again be hungry. So we’re committed to distributing food as long as we have the ability and the resources to do so.

We are so grateful that 20 years of ministry in Guatemala has provided us with deep relationships within the community, allowing us to share God’s love in very practical ways. Thank you for standing with our families in Guatemala at a time when Impact Ministries’ role has shifted to filling very immediate needs arising from the situation surrounding Covid-19.

We know that not all of you are able to give at this time – your lives too, have been turned upside-down by Covid-19. But, as you are able, we invite you to give. Together, we can meet the needs of vulnerable families during this time.

Some of you have asked if it is possible to give a food hamper directly to your sponsor child’s family. You can! But we ask that you give through this form to help keep the extra administration to a minimum. While we’re not able to process personal thank-yous from students at this time, we can send you a photo of your child with their food hamper! Don’t worry though – whether or not you choose to donate directly towards the hamper for your child, we’re making sure all our families are offered food hampers.

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