Natanael and Wilder’s Mom was at her wit’s end. The boys’ behaviour was going downhill, and as a single mother, she was struggling with their disobedience. Their Dad had ended up in jail, and she wanted better for her boys! 

Long ago, her brother had attended a Vida school, and now Natanael and Wilder’s Mom made the decision to move her boys there from the public school system. Natanael had failed a grade, so both boys started in Grade 2 at Vida Chamché at the beginning of the school year.

The first day didn’t go well. Bad habits, inappropriate language and behavioural issues made the transition tough. And at the end of the school day, rather than waiting to be dismissed, 8-year-old Natanael and 6-year-old Wilder simply disappeared. Teachers were combing the streets until they found the brothers already at home.

Natanael and Wilder

Progress is slow, but the brothers are beginning to learn what is expected of them – and they’re learning just how much God loves them. In the month that they’ve been at school, the teachers have started to see changes in them – enough to encourage their Mom to have patience with her boys rather than sending them off to live with their paternal grandmother. 

The teachers at Vida Chamché are surrounding Natanael and Wilder with love and support. “With the help of the Lord they will continue to improve,” says the Principal. 

Thank you for allowing us to be there for children like Natanael and Wilder, and for their families! We’re excited about how God is changing their future.

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