In much of North America, September is synonymous with “Back to School”. In Guatemala, though, the school year runs from January to October, and our teachers are just coming into that tough back stretch!  That’s why it was so wonderful to recently be able to invite all our Vida school staff to a retreat – a time of spiritual refreshing and renewed vision.

Vida Staff Retreat

All of our teachers make great personal sacrifices as they serve the Lord in the Vida schools.  All of them could have better-paid jobs elsewhere. But they are here because they love God and they love these kids.

The staff retreat has been the highlight of the year. For two hours, lunch was put on hold as staff came forward to make declarations of renewed faith in Christ.  Our staff are so transparent … they share their hearts to the point of tears AND they forgive each other. They have needs, but they are turning to the Lord for help.

If you support a classyou are coming alongside these young leaders as they teach, as they disciple their students, as they grow godly leaders. When you pray for your class, don’t forget to pray for their teachers too!

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